Programming Services

     Our primary focus is programming services, and we regularly provide programming support for systems integrators and OEMs on projects large and small. Whether working as part of a team on a multi-million dollar plant upgrade, or designing and developing a small machine, we work to define and meet the customer's requirements. This often includes assisting in initial scope definition and documentation.

System Upgrades

     We have helped specify and implement a number of machine upgrades to vintage equipment that is still viable. This extends the life of capital equipment, and usually improves performance as well. Upgrades typically involve replacing or adding a new PLC system, converting the old program or relay logic with new code, and replacing arrays of buttons and indicators with user-friendly touch-screen interfaces. Since downtime must be kept to a minimum when upgrading equipment that is actively being used, we work with the customer to create and meet a reasonable installation schedule.

Onsite Troubleshooting and Startup

     We have a strong background in onsite work, and can assist in making equipment perform, whether we designed the system or not. From the ideal (drawings up-to-date, programs well-documented) to the less-than-ideal (PLC fried in a power surge with no back-ups or drawings), we have seen the spectrum and are able to deliver.

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