Laboratory Autoclave

     Working with an OEM specializing in laboratory autoclaves, we developed a detailed Software Design Specification (SDS) from the existing PLC platform, improving functionality and adding customer requested features. We then used the SDS to convert the system to a different PLC brand. We still support this customer with troubleshooting and improvements on both PLC platforms.

High-Speed Servo Infeed System

     As part of a capital improvement project for a major food manufacturer, we developed a program to use a series of servo belts to meter stacked product into a packaging machine infeed. The product was frozen and hand stacked upstream of the infeed system, which was required to operate at speeds of up to 200 stacks per minute with minimum gaps or upset stacks.

2D Vision Inspection System

     A company specializing in automated machinery and contract manufacturing of metal parts required a vision inspection station on a punch press being rebuilt for the manufacture of bullet casings. The blanks were being inspected prior to entering the press in order to reject outsized or misshapen blanks so that they would not damage or jam the press. We were contracted to specify and supply a vision inspection package including smart camera, lighting, programming and startup services. To date, we have provided five identical systems.

3D Vision Inspection System

     We were contracted by a custom machine builder to program a 3D machine vision system inspecting a pick-and-place head for wear. The machine was part of a new line being installed for a major chocolate manufacturer. The vision inspection was required to meet food safety requirements, as wear on the pick-and-place head could mean metal parts entering the food stream. The system included three SICK IVC-3D cameras.

Flying Shear System Upgrade

     A major supplier of specialty metal alloys and steels required an upgraded control system on two similar machines. The machines turned coils of large gauge wire (1/2-1" in diameter) into round or hex shaped bar stock by drawing them through a die and straighteners, then shearing them into equal lengths. The first machine used a decades old proprietary control system to control the wire draw and flying shear functionality. The second system used a different proprietary control system to control the flying shear. We were contracted to help specify, program, and startup both systems. This included analyzing the existing functionality of the proprietary systems, programming and configuring the PLC-based motion system, and replacing the existing user interface with touch panels. Both systems were successfully started up, and the first system has seen a 50% improvement in bar length tolerance.

Thermal Oxidizer Control Panels

     Working with a supplier of thermal oxidizer systems, we have designed and manufactured PLC-based control panels that interface with a variety of flame-safety devices and temperature controllers to control a variety of high-output heating systems, from waste incineration to the production of bio-coal.

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